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Importance of Education

Ryan John Samane

September 12, 2017


                       Imagine the world without education, it is impossible right? Because we didn’t exist morally if we don’t have it. Education is the heart of success. I do believe in the saying that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” This line makes me motivate to strive more in study. I believe that education is very significant to every individual. Because if you have education, there’s a changes in your life. You will be educated as well as giving an opportunity to become a knowledgeable person. In addition, education gives us a way in a better future. Everyone should have education, because it is the key to success. And education is the only one or a way to change the world. Don’t ignore the opportunity to study, because you are the one who can benefit it and not be own by others. One of the advantages of having education is you can easily get a job if you finished to study. You will bombard a lot of knowledge and become productivity in our country. You will be part of our country as the economic stability increase through education. That’s why education is very important in our life.

                  In our times, we are now living in a millennial world. We are globally competitive to other countries. Our education must have a high standard to compete other countries. In short, we should maintain and increase our standard in terms of education. As a 3rd year college student, I know that it is really hard to pass in our course. We have retention and departmental exams to be pass. But I survived some of this qualification because I study hard. Someday, I will become a successful teacher. I want to use my knowledge & skills to my students. I want to become part of my students and I will teach them not only for the income but also for the outcome. This is my passion to teach and I am the facilitator and motivator to every student. I will show them that I’m a role model to them. That’s my goal in life. I am also thankful to those people who help me to strive to achieve that eminent success, especially to MLCP scholarship. You are the one why I can fight to study more. You’re giving me a financial support in my study. You’re guiding & assisting me in many ways especially in my study. You will be part in my life and my success. I can promise that I will do my best to study hard and pass the Licensure Examination for teachers.

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