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Welcome to the Manila Life Chances Project.  We are a group of volunteers dedicated to contributing resources towards improving the lives of children and young adults from some of Metro Manila's most impoverished districts.​

​We believe life to be a treasure within which the greatest gift of all is our capacity to improve the lives of others.  We also expect every life enhanced to have the increased faculty for enriching many more existences around it.  This is why investment in education, and in particular our Student and Pupil Sponsorship Program, forms a key cornerstone and focus of our project's work.​


Finally, we are committed entirely to retaining full control over all precious resources devoted by our team.  This means that whilst we welcome priceless operational support from some exceptional local NGOs on certain initiatives, we do not in any circumstances make financial contributions to these or any other third party.  In other words the Manila Life Chances team will decide who is to be helped by this project, will be personally responsible for every expenditure and will meticulously oversee the allocation of all assets to the exact intended recipients.​


​We hope you will find our work interesting and would welcome your further interest in joining us on this mission.Please contact us at:

The Manila Life Chances Project Team

May 2013


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