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12 September 2017

"Choose to be patient when you're supposed to be mad"

12 September 2017

Student Leadership

12 September 2017

National Teachers’ Month 2017

12 September 2017

Go for Gold!


12 September 2017

Ordinary to Extraordinary

12 September 2017

Making a Difference

12 September 2017

Determination of SHS Student

12 September 2017

Never Give Up

12 September 2017

Importance of Education

12 September 2017

School Opening 2017

12 September 2017

Late Comers

16 May 2016

"Its not how long the journey is its about how when you started the journey"

The Rest Of My Life Begins Today

26 June 2015

Education is our passport


18 September 2014

Letter from the student committee

18 September 2014

Letter To Sir Richard

30 August 2014

My First Quarter School Activities

28 July 2014

Campus Integrity Crusaders Seminar

25 July 2014

Its Friday, my free day. No classes but I spend the day with the MLC team touring our guest Heinz Meijer. We had been at our national park (Luneta) and in Quirino Grand Stand. 

29 June 2014

Time flies so fast every time you’re enjoying the moment and when you’re happy . You will forget that everything has its ending and another chapter of your life has to begin . You’ll just realized one day that you’re already half way to the finish line of your dreams .

16 June 2014

“Summer end, school days in”

I spend my vacation wisely. I need to scrutinized all my activity in order to cope my schedule in reviewing to our Battery (Exam well in God’s help I can gain my fruit of labor),


16 June 2014

It is my first week in school. It’s good to be back. I missed my school mates so much. We just met two of our professors. They promised to do their best to teach us and do their duties as a professor.

June 12 2014

Adjusting to a new environment had been so tough for me when I entered college. New classmates, new school, new professors, and new subjects to study . Everything was new that time and obviously I was not accustomed to all of those. Honestly, it affected my performance in my first year in college, but as time went by, I learned to go with the flow of things around me.

26 May 2014

Second semester has ended, while by this time I am getting my minor subjects completed in summer class. The second semester is a struggle for  BS Accountancy students because of many obstacles we had endured. The fortitude we had gained and applied made us champion of its first year.


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