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This initiative provides critical assistance to students and pupils who otherwise would not have the resources needed to attend their respective colleges or schools.  

The exact type and scope of our sponsorship varies from candidate to candidate but will typically include support in the following areas:

  • College enrollment and tuition fees

  • Uniform and shoes

  • Seminars and trainings

  • Text books

  • Stationery

  • Field trips and school PTA events

  • Special education needs assessment

Every student and pupil whom we sponsor (or their parents/guardians where appropriate) is asked to provide the project team with updates on his or her progress.  And we also encourage the college students to become active second generation ('2G') champions of the Manila Life Chances Project by, for example, lending their support at events such as children's parties, gift giveaways and emergency food distributions.  In this way we very much hope to realise and advance the single most important principal underpinning the whole Life Chances Project, namely Helping Others to Help Others.

The remainder of this section contains profile write-ups and progress updates on all the exceptional young people we are currently supporting through the Sponsorship Program - and always in each individual's very own words wherever possible!

​Welcome to Our Student and Pupil Sponsorship Program

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