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Student Leadership

Rasha Espinola

September 12, 2017


                  Being one of the scholars of Manila Life Chances Program for almost three years helped me to become the person I am right now. I could say that I have changed a lot because of the things I have learned and discovered as a college student in a short span of time. Aside from the high grades I got every semester, I have learned to communicate to other people outside our classroom and even outside the school. In my first year, I started as a president of our class, it’s a bit stressful at first but thankful, I am good at time management so later on, I have perfectly mastered how to be a hard working student and an efficient leader at the same time.

                        In my second year in UCC, I began to wonder how it would be to become an official member of our organization, so I decided to run for the position of Executive Secretary and luckily I got appointed by the elected President of our organization. After the service I have given to our organization, I decide to run for a bigger position not just in our org, but in our whole college. I am elected as the President of College of Business and Accountancy Council last July 2017 and currently giving my best to serve and protect my fellow students.

                    I am grateful to be part of this scholarship because without it, I would never experience being one of the top students in our class and such happiness and contentment for the achievements I thought I would never get. Overflowing thanks to all of our sponsors in MLCP especially to Ms. Maria Miclat, Mr. Richard Dearing and to my sponsor, Mr. Neil Bryne! I will continue this pursue my dream to becoming a Certified Public Accountant one day with the opportunity you have given me. God bless us.

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