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Name                  Rasha N. Espinola

DOB                    22 April 1994

Course                BS in Accounting Technology

Year                    GRADUATE APRIL 2019

University            UCC- University of Caloocan City

Sponsored by      Neil Byrne

​Dreams are the most amazing things in life.  Without dreams, there will be no ambition to chase.  There will be no goals to reach.  Dreams give us interest in life.  We must know what we really want to do and follow our ambition.  Only with dreams and goals, you will find a pursue to live your life.  We can't achieve anything in life without goals and for these goals, we need to dream.


Dream number one on my agenda is to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  I chose Bachelor of Science in Accountancy because ever since I get to know this, I encourage my self to pursue my education in college.  Above all, my brother inspired me because he is also studying BSA in Polytechnic of the Philippines.  He is a consistent president lister and attain various achievements.  I wanted to be like him or to overcome his accomplishments if I can.  It is my driving force to survive this rough and rigid course.  I want to prove that I made the greatest decision on taking this firm path to become a CPA.


Secondly, my passion in writting sports article is never been gone.  Since elementary, I really love reading news papers specially the sports page.  That's why I never failed to become part of our publication until high school.  Now that I am a college student, I'm not planning on stopping my career anytime soon.  I will continue writting and will pursue my dream to be a sports journalist someday.


Thridly, I want to build my own company and be the sole owner of it.  With my background in accounting and management, I know I will be able to manage it perfectly by my self.


Aside from my career goals, I want to enjoy life and be a good, amazing and cool person.  My greatest dream is to be a car racer and have a collection of sports cars.  Then, during my summer time off, I want to travel the world.  The places I have in mind now are the Holy Land, Amazon River, Amazon Jungle, Russia, Spain and Paris.


Lastly, I want to secure the future of my family.  I will help them to pay for the houses where we live.  They are not getting younger anymore.  After all their sacrifices for us, it's the right time for me to give back the help they gave us.  I want them to be happy and to enjoy their life together.  And I am the one who will provide everything they need.


To acheive my dreams I really need to study hard because I firmly believe that knowledge is a power and education is the key to a better life and it is the only way to pull of my dreams....  But with dreams, comes great responsibilities.  It is just not enough to dream and forget about that dream.  Many people dream but only some wake up and work for it.  I always try to set my goals and work as hard as I can to reach them.  I believe that with determination and commitment, I will climb up the ladder of life.  And always convince my self to never give up despite of the hardship of life and strive to look forward to what person I would become if I accomplish my goals and dreams.


To conclude, I have many dreams and goals for the future.  It includes becoming a CPA, a sports journalist, a businesswoman, a racer, a traveler and a good and thoughtful daughter.


"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." -John Lennon


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