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Adjusting to a new environment had been so tough for me when I entered college. New classmates, new school, new professors, and new subjects to study . Everything was new that time and obviously I was not accustomed to all of those. Honestly, it affected my performance in my first year in college, but as time went by, I learned to go with the flow of things around me.


During the first semester of my freshmen year we did bunch of reportings and homeworks. It was tough especially when you have a terror professor in one of your subjects. We had a College Algebra subject and honestly, Algebra subjects are my weakness, so obviously I was unable to perform well in it. We also joined various seminars in school. First sem was so lousy for me because the only event that I participated in was the Psychology Students General Assembly which was organized by our department.


The second semester of the school year has been a bit challenging and exciting for me. We did research projects for both our Filipino and English subject. Our class also had project in our History subject which I enjoyed the most. Our professor wanted us to go to Rizal Shrine in Calamba, Laguna and in all of the places in Manila which were all related to Dr. Jose Rizal. She also gave us another project which was to watch a stage play about the life of Andres Bonifacio. Psychology department also organized an informative seminar about Parahilia which is a psychological disorder. We also celebrated the annual Psychology Season through various competitions and programs. All of these made my second semester fun.


In all of these experiences I learned that adjusting also means experimenting and discovering new things. When all of the things around you changes, you learn to find ways to cope with it. You learn to explore and through this you can discover new things, experiences and abilities in yourself that you never thought you had. So we shouldn't be afraid of changes. We should embrace it.

Published date

12 June 2014

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