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Name                   Jommel Escano

DOB                    9 October 1993

Course                 BS Marketing

Year                     Graduated April 2016

University             UCC- University of Caloocan City 

Sponsored by       Helen Corcoran

Many people asking me why do I want to finish my study and the only reason I can say is because I have my dreams and plans in life.  In our generations if you never finish your university its difficult to find a job and of course I want to be a professional someday.  It is my dreams to finish my study and get a stable job in able for me to help my parent and siblings in the future.  



I'am a former BA Math student but because I never retain the average last semester, I need to transfer into different course. This coming school year Im taking up BS Marketing 3rd year level.

I will do my best to achieve my goal and dreams in my life.



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