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Late Comers

Jangelica Ramos

September 12, 2017


                     How students manage to be late comers? I want to tackle this based of my observation every time I go to school. Spending our time wisely, being self-oriented of what is our first priority, and mostly, extrinsically and intrinsically motivated in terms of our studies, can lead us to be promptly students and helps us out of being late comers. The greatest problem, we students face in going to school is being late, due to sleeping late at night as a result we can't wake up early, also having plenty of chores, and traffic rather well, all of these is not a valid excuse. One tendency of being late comers in our daily activities particularly in school is the absence of reminding ourselves about our priority. With regard to our values, some of us are Filipino time. Many can't adjourn social media due to have a strong habit of it, before preparing themselves in going to school; they are busy using their gadgets first. Others have difficulty to administer their time at all. Therefore, only a few who are promptly students, mostly, nowadays.


                     There so many unreasonable matters that made us late upon going to school. Being late comers in school or even in other certain events in our life is not a desirable value. Are there ways to change ourselves from being a late comer? Absolutely, yes, there some many ways that can help us out of being late comers. Likewise, learned to manage your time wisely, as far as I know, time is free but it's priceless. And, being a college student, there so many school activities that we need to accomplish as quickly as possible, and being busy is unavoidable, so we must be time-bound. Doing such things that can released stressed is also necessary, we have to enjoy as well, for us to feel relax, but then we need to be balance. Don't do something not necessary unless you are already finished performing your first priority. Getting on time is a good habit to set you up for being punctual throughout life. Doing the best that we can to avoid being late should be our ultimate objective.


                   In the state of learning, punctuality as well, is one of the primary things that we measured in order for us to pass in our course. Further, to change one things that we used to be for a long time is not just a piece of cake, likewise if being a late comers is already in your blood, but if we are consenting to change, There are no boundaries that will limit once desire if you want too, what is required is the courage to try, perseverance to pursue and a determination to achieve it.

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