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26 June 2015

Education is our passport, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.  To have a better future is my dream goal. To make it possible ? Simple, make a dream  an action. It’s a choice between dreaming  or doing.  A  failure or success.

At first I decided to become a successful psychologist but suddenly it change. I chose a course of Electrical engineer ,an old cliché said that it is one of the hardest courses.  If life was easy where would all the adventures will be? . So I want to accept this challenge . It is a profession  where the forces of a nature are directed to the benefit of mankind. I want to discover the benefit, I want to change the world for a better, and  that is why I want to be an engineer.  I want to be the part of the new chapter of technology where electrical use in partnership in order to gain more for use without damaging the delicate ecosystem on earth. I want to invent things that would lessen the sufferings in electricity , I want the impossible things to be possible . Just like what happened in my situation , I thought that it is impossible for me to finish what I’ve started , it’s the education but because of MLCP It became possible.

Now I’m a First year college student in Technological University of the Philippines , Bachelor in Science Electrical engineering. Well , beginning is always the hardest  but no matter 


Education Is Our Passport

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