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First week in school
It is my first week in school. It’s good to be back. I missed my school mates so much. We just met two of our professors. They promised to do their best to teach us and do their duties as a professor. Our department head says that we need to be ready because we will do demo teaching in his class. 


Demo teaching is one of our major requirements in passing soon to be teachers. I’m so excited to hear about it but so nervous instead. I really don’t know how to stand in front of a big crowd but demo teaching is quite different you not just stand in front but to teach like a real teacher. We’re hoping that all of our professors should be kind and dedicated to teaching.

Remembering our last semester, I know it’s not just so easy but I earned enough good grades. Seriously this stage (3rd year) I can’t do anything but to pray and study well. Third year in college is the tough stage ever- “Sir Pascual” quoted. So it’s really difficult, to just go and playing around. We had our 3 major subjects. “Wow” it’s for real now. We had to be acquainted also to the sharks, cat and amphibians (turtles). We need to dissect them compare and distinguish each one. Looks like I’m a real doctor “wow”.

After our class we decided to treat ourselves and watch movie. It’s for “real” haha. A good movie to erase stressful day. I know it’s not that easy to reach my goals in life but with God’s help I know I can do it .



Published date

16 JUne 2014

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