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Name                  Fybes Depedro


High School            Third Year 

School                     Kalayaan High School

Sponsored by      Colm Halpin

A girl without ambition is like a bird flying without destination.  To have a better future is my dream goal.  To be able to get the key, you have to study harder.  It is the path to success in life.


When I was a kid, I dreamt to be theatre actress.  Not to be a popular but to entertain people and teach a lesson by performing and open their eyes on what is happening in our society. But this time i have to be practical.  I have to choose a course that fits to me and will help my family someday.


My heart weeps at the sight of people in trouble.  I will do my best to help those people who need my help.  And what is it joy to me to find that I have been in service to someone.  This is being the case that i have decided once and for all to spend my life of the suffering people.  I want to study their behaviour and give some assistance to those people who had mental disorder.  I want to be a psychologist.  And I think this course is my way to help those people.  They just don't need a medicine but also an attention.


Now that I'm third year high school student,  I just want to maintain my section and grades to a higher one and to serve in our school as an officer.  Right now all i want os to graduate in high school, that is my priority today.  Because what I have learned in my high school years, will be my weapon for my tomorrow.

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