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Name                 Joshua Paulo Jimera

DOB                   16 September 1995

Course               BS in Industrial Engineering

Year                   Graduated April 2018

University           Adamson University

Sponsored by     Neil Bryne

Every individual has their own turning points in life.  We all have that moment when we realize that these challenges are all imposible, unexpected, undeserving and cannot be happening to us.  Little we do know that each truning point has a lesson to embark in our minds down to our soul.


My first turning point in life happened when my family and I got to move out from our childhood house to an unfamiliar, strange place - during my adolescent stage where emotions and changes are at its peak. As a result, it became my first major adjustment as I went outside my comfort zone. My second turning point in life was when I got elected as Corps Ccommander - a leadership position through Golden Valley - Newland Group of Schools' CAT Military Program. It's a new challenge knowing that I am just a neophyte in the class taking over and managing hundreds of cadets. In there, I gained confidence, shaped my interpersonal abilities and discipline - wherein together with my staff and officers, we bagged multiple awards to bring honor to our school and our class batch.


As part of my aim of becoming as the main contributor to my family and my wish to stop my parents from working so hard, I decided to take BS Geology in college where high payoff awaits when I graduate as per my assessment and other testimonials. Since Adamson University is one of the few schools who offer Geology program under the College of Engineering, I took the risk of entering while keeping in mind that the institution has a costly academic fee and a Catholic University - which I also prefer. Fortunately, I was granted a scholarship via Ozanam Study Grant Program where I served as a Student Assistant in Engineering Laboratories for 3 and a half years with my tuition fee being covered in full by the Vincentian Priests. I gained experience there as we have three pillars namely Duty, Academics and Apostolate that we must fulfill in exchange of the grant.Before I proceed to my 2nd year in college, I decided to shift my program from BS Geology to BS Industrial Engineering.


I studied the IE curriculum carefully, It just amazed me as I can see myself studying those subjects and applying it in real set-up. I think I made a good decision for this one especially now that I am embodying a lot of IE Principles especially the Kaizen Philosophy which pushes myself to upgrade from my previous work resulting to a continuous improvement. Being resourceful is what I also practice as one of the goals of IEs is to produce the maximum outputs with minimum inputs - I usually optimize the resources, time and the capability of the people around me to better achive a goal.I am also familiar with failing grades and that is my third turning point in life.


Having to fail major subject courses is no joke as workload from the laboratory is also converging alongside with the stress and time consuming travel hours from North Caloocan to Manila every single day. The best part of it is learning from my mistakes and improving what is already improved.


The fourth and so far my last turning point was when I won a Best Research Paper award among different Recognized Student Organizations in 2016. I just did the whole thing by myself to represent PIIE-ORSP AdU Chapter where I put my heart on completing the paperwork. I thought I will never win as other research papers are also very good but the Lord gave me a burger when I only asked for just a bun. These experiences have regained my self-esteem and self-worth also by knowing that I am part of the 1% - 2% of the population who has an INTJ Personality based on a Personality Test that we took.


I am very thankful to the generous people who keeps on believing and supporting my goals and ideals. From my parents, friends and relatives, Adamson University - which taught me the importance of Character, Competence and Charity and for forming my Vincentian heart, and also to MLCP in which I thank the most for helping me pass-through my difficulties on my 5th and terminal year in college. Rest assured that my promise of giving back by helping others in any forms in the best way I can will still continue. Thank you and God bless!

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