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Name                 Jubel Santillan Ramos

DOB                   2 August 1997 

Course               BS Accountancy

Year                   Graduated April 2017

University           University of Caloocan City

Sponsored by     Helen Corcoran and John Connolly

Hi! Im Jubel S. Ramos, accountancy student in University of Caloocan City.  A simple girl came from a simple yet loving and descent family.  As a Filipino we all know our culture is to value education, more valuable than any other wealth that we could ever had.  So my family did, as an eldest daughter seeing our situtation every day, how we lived and sacrifices of my parents gives me courage to pursue my study.


How valuable education is?  And what are the difference between students pursuing their studies with goals and dreams in thier heart to those students pursuig studies because they saw education as part of our culture and just being trendy?  "Education is the key to success".  It defines the broader meaning of education.  Indeed education brings you to success, but of course I think many of you will ask why other are failing?  Why others are still in the same way of living after earning their bachelor degree?  The only answer for that is simply because different people has different way of thinkin the way I think and the way I value education.  Because for me who are unfortunate and do not have any luxurious way of living I have more courage to finish my education.  It is the only way to escape on our current living situation, to stand and prove that we can.  We are somebody and nobody.


Education equals to success.  the pressure is on your feet no one is responsible for your own career, why am I saying that?  Because in order for you to succeed, you must study hard as early as today, know what's your course is all about and the essence of it and know the fitted job for you.  Because by knowing all of these you're going to be excited on what is waiting for you in the outside world or for many they call it corporate world.  Again as an eldest daughter of my family, I am now pursuing my degree  in Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, knowing that after this I can change the way we live and being excited on how will I use my knowledge and skills to meet my goals and dreams on my life.  For me thats how valuable eductation is. Study hard is what all I can do for now because of our current living and prove to them that I am somebody, because I know that as time passes by my perspective about education will change... same as my goals and dreams changes.

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