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Second semester has ended, while by this time I am getting my minor subjects completed in summer class. The second semester is a struggle for  BS Accountancy students because of many obstacles we had endured. The fortitude we had gained and applied made us champion of its first year.


Like what I have said, the second period of the program is packed with obstacles. In the class, we have to endure the heat of the sun and the small space of the classroom. Another is the professors’ way of teaching. Most of our professors share nothing but the lessons only, pure definitions. They teach fast, short-cut and not well-defined. But there is this professor in my non-forte subject (Marketing) that makes learning light, reality-peeking, and fun. With the use of team-building games and icebreakers, he helps us to realize what to expect in the real world. And with that, it makes him one of my unforgettable professors in college life. The subjects, I had problems with these in terms of priority.


All of my courses promise good grades, and focusing in some areas I can excel anchored me down. Like of my Mathematics course College Algebra, which is one of my major subject, I failed to give attention to it; the result, I got 2.75 and this requires special qualifying exam in order to advance in the next year. I’ve taken it up and I am confident I will pass it. And because learning lies on the teachers’ hands, some failed to make us understand the significance and true value of the courses they taught. And dealing with these things every day is a struggle for me. But in the end, I embrace it wholeheartedly with the remarks they have given to me. It’s not about the grades, but the experiences in these growing chapters of my college life.


Time’s so fast, and now I am looking forward for my second year in college. I’ve sensed that this next academic year, I’ll face a tougher battle. So, I am preparing myself to conquer it, and I get myself busy honing and forging my brain into an effective “war machine” with the use of my program’s books. And I also prepare my body not to give up in these times. Lastly, I want to thank you for the gears that empower me and drive me to continue. I pray that you’ll always be blessed to continue your mission uplifting our dreams. God bless!


-Reynante M. Nisperos


Published date

26 MAY 2014

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