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Name                   Rea Lou T. Caibigan

DOB                     23 September 1997

Course                 BSED - Science

Year                     Second

University             UCC- University of Caloocan City 

Sponsored by       Nicola Butt

To be a teacher is actually not my dreams during my high school days. My friend told me that to become a policewoman is a very good profession and give me a little background in that so as a result I'm convinced. But I think to be a teacher is really destined to me.  As the present goes to past many things I’ve encountered and now, I’ve dreamed and I should also do it that someday I should become a doctor of education. But first I should pass this course and also the licensure exam, and then search for work to support and continue my masteral degree. I should become teacher that also inspire students, teach and guide them to become also successful person. A useful human beings and deals with success.


I also want to fulfill the needs of our family and support them. Make proud of my parents and change the negative sights to me. Change what the past did to me and make the best to the future.

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