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Name                   Millama N. Salvacion

DOB                    4 January 1980

Course                 BSED - Science

Year                     Third

University             UCC- University of Caloocan City 

Sponsored by       Richard Dearing & Maria Miclat

“Everyone needs to give up when something didn’t change for the better... But everyone needs CHANGE to let giving up never happen again”


This is just a merely representation on how a person stood up when crisis fall. I believe GOD knows everything but we should push ourselves to the limit.  I am a product of a broken family.  I grew up very dependent only to myself alone. I supported my study since I got enrolled at my college days. This is my third course from three different colleges.


I know this will be my last chance to dream. At my age it’s difficult for me to accept “downfall” I mean to lose again.

Education for me is a treasure that’s why I’m striving not just for myself but for my own family as well.

I’m Salvacion Millama 33 yrs. Old a mother of 2 (two) siblings, married and presently occupied a small room at my aunties house. We can’t afford to rent our own house for my husband can’t have a good and stable salary to accommodate all our needs. His salary goes to our food and house bills. I support my studies alone. I walk and walk till I reach my school. I borrow photocopies as my reviewer so I can take exams. I always find way to get into school even I almost quit. Financially I’m down but emotionally I mentally I know I can survive. I can’t imagine how long roads will I take. I know the only thing to meet its end is to start walking now. Sometimes I go to school without a single cent on my pocket, just a pen with me is enough. I only want to be sure when I leaved our house and start walking, my children are secure.


My only fear in life is when my children had an empty stomach, when no food left to them.

And when my study stop. I took a long journey in my life not to mention all hardship but still I stood up and start fulfilling my dreams. 

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