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“Summer end, school days in”


I spend my vacation wisely. I need to scrutinized all my activity in order to cope my schedule in reviewing to our Battery (Exam well in God’s help I can gain my fruit of labor), I passed the battery examination. Now I need to focus again in preparation for school; New subjects, new professors, new shoes, notebooks to an old building. Anyways It’s not the facilities but the knowledge that we should gain from the teachers in an old building. I love UCC no matter how it looks likes; it brings me what I am now that’s really matters most.

This semester will keep me busy, expensive and a lots of activity. We had or three majors subjects and exciting minor ones. I know we had to be more focus even we don’t have grade retention but we should do things with completion. We have also our demo teaching which really excite me. Financially we should have in this semester that’s what I’m hoping to have. 

Our professors start to orient and gave us house rules. One that bears me in mind is not to be late anymore it’s the house rules. I’ll do changes a little bit to be different compare to what I do last sem. 
I pray God will guide me through and my MLC Family too.


Published date

16 JUne 2014

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