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​A Fruitful life is I guess what most of us want.  A life lived up for something meaningful to us and to other people.  And one of those who want their lives to be meaningful.

When I was a kid, I dreamt of being a journalist and a broadcaster.  I was always fascinated with the work of a broadcast-journalist.  I really like writing though I'm mot that good in doing it, but I believe that there's always a room for learning and improvement.  I wanted to take up Journalism in college but for some practical reasons I postponed my ambition to study and learn about it.  I thought that if  I take Journalism there will be no job waiting for me after college.  It's hard to find a good job that will match your course, unless you are really that excellent.

And later on when I graduated last March in high school, I decided to take up Psychology, for if I know in this course a lot of opportunities and chances are around in finding a job.  Many establishments needed a psychologist for their human resources department.  And also, I'm interested in studying human behavior.  My values education teachers in high school inspired me to take Psychology as a preferred course.  If fate is around maybe I'll also help anybody who is also in need to pursue their education and help them realize their dreams.

I have so many plans in the future, but right now I want all my attention to be in studying, thats my priority reason in life.  My dream and obsession.




Name                 Justice Fernandez

DOB                  14 January 1997

Course               BS Psychology 

Year                   Graduated May 2017

University           Polytechnic University of the Philippines  (PUP)

Sponsored by     Maria Miclat

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