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"Choose to be patient when you're supposed to be mad"

Joy Aloro

September 12, 2017


"Struggle is real." kaya pa." "Pahinga lang walang sukuan." "Hihinto pero hindi susuko." These are different ridiculous yet motivating lines from many students who are in the midst of challenging Senior high school life.

                 It's been only four months since my grade 12 battle started but it seems like it was a final second semestral. The strikes of school works hit us so hard. From exhausting paper works, brain killer examinations and the most struggling quantitative research paper or the so called thesis. My days and nights was dominated by every school works; dance practice, group works, reviews and etc. There were times that I was really physically, mentally and spiritually drained. Sleeping very late at night finishing school works and waking up very early in the morning to attend daily classes. Indeed, struggle is real. 

                       But as a student as well as a person who always aims to the fullest and highest and as a dreamer who has lot of goals in life. Those circumstances are common and not a peculiar matter anymore. Despite of highly draining school works and activities, here I am still standing stronger. I used those events as my strength to overcome everything also mu weapons to discover new things, skill, and abilities within myself. "Choose to be patient when you're supposed to be mad", a simple philosophy of mine. Because I believe that if you want to achieve or to have something you have to work hard for it to have it worthily. Even though if there is a highest mountain that hinders you, climb it. Reach the peak and lift your flag to the fullest. Even trials and troubles get on your way just go continuously.


                      Everything happens for a reason and in the right time. Even flowers bloom in different phases of their lives. For I know that I can achieve everything I want to. Because I am not alone, I always have with me my loving companion.
Through Him I can do anything because He always strengthens me. He always guides me and gives me knowledge and wisdom. He never let me down and get failed. Yes, He brought me at failure but I now He has His better plans for me. Simply, there are always two ways to look at the situation, you can focus on the bad or choose to see the good. Also, everything we do should be a result of our gratitude for what God has done for us. Let Him be the one to move and manage our life. Just surrender everything and it will just fall to its proper place perfectly. If we leave everything in His hand we will eventually see God in everything. We dent have to be afraid to fall apart. It just presents all opportunity to rebuild ourselves the way we wish had been all along.


                    God said to us, don’t be afraid for I am your lord, I will strengthen and help you and I will hold you up with my victorious right hand. (Isaiah 3:30) So just enjoy and cherish every moment of our life as a student or even just as a simple human being in good or even in hard times. No matter what happens still at the end we can be a triumphant.



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