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Name                    Christian Joy Aloro

DOB                      20 November 1999

Grade                    Twelve

School                   Mystical Rose School of Caloocan Inc.

Sponsored by        Maria Miclat & Richard Dearing

I'm Christian Joy Aloro, 17 years of existence yet still striving harder in pursuing a bunch of dreams. An incoming grade 12 taking Accountancy and business management at mystical rose school of caloocan inc. A fortunate student by having this MLCP scholarship since I was in grade 8. We're living in a rental house in Caloocan. A low profiled family. I have two siblings rovi and abhie, proudly raised by our loving mother only. She is an on call field interviewer. As an older one, I have the big responsibility to help my mother in every aspects of our life which I never failed to do. That is why I really value this scholarship because I want to achieve lots of goal in life. Goals are the most important thing in life one of the reasons to still go on in life. Without goals we have nothing to look forward to.


My ideal future life will be fulfilling my goals while gathering experiences along the way. My goals are to finish school having a good grades and finally passing the CPA board exam. So that I could find stable job. And give my family a better life especially my mother I want her to see staying at home peacefully free from problems and anxiety. Success is something that everyone of us wants to have. Yet achieving success; struggles, obstacles,hindrances and criticisms are always on the way to let us down. But a determined and dauntless person always took all that things to be a strength and to be the reason to still go on and fight.


My first year in senior high school tested my tenacity from doing household chores to schoolworks. Brain-cracking exams, killer thesis, enervating activities and the so called "feeling major" minor subjects. Yes, that is how i interpret those things. Yet still surviving in spite of those exhausting events that gladly open the paths for my grade 12 life. All of that happened and achieved because I have the determination to meet my goals and of course by always having the courage from my family especially from HIM. And at the same time because of the heart whelming both moral and financial support from our MLCP family and ms. Maria and sir richard . I owe you a lot elders. So this is me now having my "bronze medal(they said hehehe)" for being the 3rd honor in ABM strand A.Y. 2016-2017 at mystical Rose school of caloocan inc. and still dauntlessly dreaming, pursuing, and striving harder to meet my love, my goals.

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