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Name                  Jessa Mae F. Obias

DOB                    28 November 1997 

Course                BS Accountancy

University            Polytechnic University of the Philippines  (PUP)

Sponsored by     Neil Byrne

Life is a matter of choice . Every day of our lives we always make a choice . There is no such thing as a wrong decision. It's just that we are the one who is responsible to its consequences whether it is positive or negative , we are the one who will face it and accept it .


Last march I graduated in high school and this upcoming school year I decided to pursue college.  I know it will be difficult for my parents since this school year we are now three who are entering college .  But I want to finish my studies and I want to be successful in life . They said that the first step to achieve your dream is to know what you want in life and what will make you happy . So that's what I did , I asked myself over and over again about what my heart really desire and what are my potentials that can help me in my college . That's why I took BS accountancy for I know that it will make me happy and successful in life . I also believe that this course will be my stepping stone to achieve one of my dreams which is to give my parents a good life . They said that accountancy is a difficult course but I believe that there is no such thing as an easy course . Every course has its own difficulty and has its own problems to give us . We don't get to choose hardships and problems in the course that we will take but we do have the chance to chose on what course we would like to experience that hardships and I decided that it will be accountancy because I believe that it will be worth it of my efforts and hardships that I will going to experience and I know that this course will bring happiness to me and I will never regret choosing this course . And when the time comes that I will experience a lot of failure in my life I'm more than willing to accept it because I know that it will make me a better person . After all, failure is not the worst thing in this world , the worst thing is not to try . I'm sure that it will be a long journey for me before I can make my dream into a reality but I'm willing to do my best just to achieve it .


Maybe I was born in a not so wealthy family but I decided to grab the opportunity in front of me and I chose to make my dream come true . I am still far away from my dream but at least I already started the first step in achieving my dreams . It was never a sin to be part of a not wealthy family but it will be a sin dying without making any effort to have a good life and to make your dream come true . At the end of the day it will be us who will decide on what path we are going through and it's our choice wether we're going to stop or to continue our journey to our dream . Now , I decided to go through the path of my dreams and I hope and pray that I will be able to get there very soon .

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