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Making a Difference

Jenny Gigante

published September 12, 2017


                    One architect can build a thousand houses, one doctor can save a thousand lives but only one teacher can change the eternity. Being a future educator is equates to having a big responsibility. People around me have high expectations. It pressures me but at the same time, it encourages me as well. My journey in the field of education made me realized that license does not make any sense if I don't make a difference in the lives of my students. We all have this routine of waking up, going to school, eat, sleep, and repeat.


                        But as a teacher, our routine goes like this: make lesson plans, create instructional materials, teach, compute grades, and make examinations. Sad to say but that's the reality. But does it make sense? Why not make some difference? What kind of differences? What if I take a step outside my comfort zone? What if I connect with my students and extend my arms to touch their lives? We really don't know what change I can make and how far my influences will go. Being a teacher is not only about teaching but also shaping the future of your students. And Manila Life Chances Project is a great help to me to make those kinds of differences. MLCP gives me a chance to change the eternity and shape the future.


Jenny Gigante, 2017

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