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Name                   Jennilyn Fajardo

DOB                     7 August 1996

High School          Graduated April 2019

Course                  BS in Public Administration

School                  University of Caloocan City

Sponsored by       Maria Miclat & Richard Dearing

I came from a big family and Iam second to the eldest.  My parents are struggling to raise their ten children and thats the reason I cant go to school continuosly.  Recently I lost 2 brothers and because of that tragedy Iam able to meet some people who introduce me to Manila Life Chances Project who's sponsoring those unfortunate students who cant afford to continue their studies.


Even though i left behind from my studies i work hard and never watsed the opportunity that came to me.  And this year Iam able to finish my last year in secondary and hopefully the MLCP will still continue to support me till I acheive my goal to be a teacher some day.



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