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             We all have dreams in life. We can only decide what we want to happen to our dreams. We can choose not to do anything to achieve it or we can choose to achieve it through hard work, perseverance and prayer. For me I want to achieve my dreams in life.

              My dream is very simple. I just want to finish my education and become an accountant because I want to return all the help given by my parents in my education. I want to help my parents in their daily expenses. I also want to help my three younger siblings in their studies because I want when the time that they have their own families I don’t want their families to experience the poverty we are experiencing right now. I’m the eldest son of my parents. We are four children in our family and three of us are studying. I'm in college, the second is in High School and the third is in Elementary.

              When I was in third year, I’m not sure if I can continue my studies in college because my parents can't afford to support me in college. The income of our parents is only enough for our daily needs.  I feel very fortunate that I was given a chance to become a MLCP Scholar. The scholarship gave me the hope that I can continue my studies in college. So I’m so thankful for the MLCP.

               Now that I will begin to study in college, I don’t want to waste the opportunity given to me by MLCP to continue my studies in college. Because my mother always told me that she is hoping that I can finish my studies. I will do everything just to reach my dream. I want my parents to be proud of me. My mother always said before I build my own family, she wants me to help my siblings first to finish their studies. They don't know that I really plan to do that. I will do my best to finish my studies. I do it for myself, my family and all who help me.


Name                 Jamie Fernandez

DOB                   17 March 1999

Year                    Fourth

School                Bagong Silang High School

Sponsored by     Colm Halpin

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