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Go for Gold!

Jamie Fernandez

September 12, 2017



            Every athlete’s goal is to have a gold medal.  Just like them, I also want to have that gold. Not literally a gold medal like every athlete strives for. But a gold, that for me symbolized my own goals in life.


             I only have simple goals in my life. First, I want to finish my studies and become a CAT (Certified Accounting Technician). Then, I want to have a stable job that can support my family because I want to help my parents in their daily expenses and I also want to support my three younger siblings in their studies. Lastly, I want to enjoy life and have fun. I also want to have my own family in the future and I don’t want to experience my family the poverty we are experiencing right now.


             I will do my best to achieve my goals. Just like every athlete that trained hard and sacrificed a lot of things to achieve the goals. I know I can achieve it, because of my hard work, perseverance and prayers to god. Most important thing is I need to believe to myself that I can achieve all my goals. I’m not doing it just for myself, but for my family that serves as my inspiration to continue strive and go for gold.

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