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Gianne C. Amador









           Gieanne C. Amador is the eldest daughter of Analyn Capoquian and Jerwin Amador. She is 6 y/o and was born on July 23, 2009. Her parent separated 2years ago, so they were living with their grandparents at present. They sell fishball to meet their daily needs. There income is not enough for them to go to school.


          She is now in grade 2. Gieanne is a very good girl. She wants to finish her studies and aspiring herself to become a successful doctor someday. She believes that with the help of God and benefactors with a good heart, her dreams will come to reality.


Name                 : Gieanne C. Amador           

Birthday              :  July 23, 2009                            

School                :  Maligaya Elementary        

Year / Grade       :  2

Sponsored By     :  Ilona Eijnde

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