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Time flies so fast every time you’re enjoying the moment and when you’re happy . You will forget that everything has its ending and another chapter of your life has to begin . You’ll just realized one day that you’re already half way to the finish line of your dreams.


Last March 2014 , I graduated as the salutatorian of our batch . Happy is an understatement to describe what I felt that moment . It was a mixed emotions . Why ? Because finally I graduated , not just a simple student but with flying colors that made my family proud of me . I also felt sad knowing that my friends and I needed to go to different paths to achieve our dreams . But I know that everything that we will going to do is for our own good .

My high school life was certainly one of the most memorable event in my life specially my fourth year . Why ? Because my last year in my school was the year that molded my personality and at the same time tested me as a person . It was the year that I really learned the value of time . They said that fourth year was the most difficult part of high school , and I must admit it was really true.


Lots of projects are waiting to be done , exams needed to pass , requirements to meet , activities to perform , thesis to finish and to defend , entrance exams to take, and since I am an officer of the Supreme student government and at the same time one of the representatives of the annually math quiz bee , it was surely a challenge and a big responsibility for a student like me.


There were sleepless nights , times when I almost forgot to eat , times when I felt so hopeless and wanted to give up , times when I almost lost my patience , times when I don’t know what to do and to finish first and times when I felt that I already failed and I can’t do it . But even though I felt those things , I just continued doing my best and I just hold on that God has his own plans for me and I just need to believe , to trust and do my part . I also clear my negative thoughts , look forward to my goal , look life in the brighter side and bare in my mind that my family and friends are always there for me.


During those hard times of my fourth year , I am just so blessed because I was able to overcome those things . I learned that it is just about managing your time properly and knowing what your priorities are .

I must say that fourth year life is not just about difficult times , because like what they always say that after a rain there will always be a rainbow . I learned that I should also have some quality time with God , with my family , with myself and also with my friends . I learned that I should not forget to enjoy my last year in high school but of course without taking my responsibilities for granted.


After spending four years in high school , finally the most awaited part has already come and that is our graduation . During that moment that they called my name and awarded me , all my hard works , efforts and difficulties that I’ve been through , they all became worth it . That if I’m going to study again in high school , I will still choose to study hard and experience again those difficulties because I know that all those things will not be in vain .


Another chapter of my life was already finished and the next chapter is about to begin again . I know that it will be more difficult than my high school but I’m willing to experience those difficulties again because I know that after those difficult things will finally be the finish line of my dreams .

Published date

29 JUne 2014

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