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The previous 3 months was a month of full of activity for the students in our school. This July our school was held the Mass Induction and our school was also celebrating Nutrition Month this July and Buwan ng Wika this August.


The first activity was the Mass Induction in our school. The Mass Induction it was a program for all officers of clubs and organizations in our school to take their pledge for the responsibilities to the position that they were elected. I was elected as the 4th Year Representative of OTAKU Club; it is a club that involve with the ANIME. 

The second activity was held last month our school was celebrating Nutrition Month this July 2014, with the theme: “Kalamidad Paghandaan, Gutom at Malnutrisyon ay Iwasan”. I was luckily take part of 2 competitions in this year Nutrition Month Celebration.


The first competition was the Speech Choir Competition. The Speech Choir Competition is a contest open to all sections starting grade 7 to fourth year, it must compose of 25 to 30 members for every section and there have only one piece to present. In preparing to Year Level Elimination, we practiced in support of our leader for more or less a week. July 21, 2014 was the Year Level Elimination in fourth year we only 5 groups who participated including our section IV-2, together with IV-5, IV-4, IV-3 and our rival IV-1. After all participants performed the result was announced and we were luckily qualified for the Finals. In preparing to Final Round our leader was did few changes in our performance and we practiced that for more or less 2 weeks. August 1, 2014 is the day of Finals, in this final round of the competition there are 8 groups who participated the G7-1, G7-2, G8-1, G8-2, G9-1, G9-2, IV-1 and IV-2. After all participants performed the result was announced and we were luckily won the 2nd Place in the Speech Choir Competition.


Published date

30 August 2014

The second Competition was NUTRI- Quiz Bee Competition. The NUTRI- Quiz Bee Competition is a contest open to all students from grade 7 to fourth year. The first elimination was the Classroom Elimination then the second was Year Level Elimination and lastly the Final Round. I was luckily qualified in the Final Round. August 1, 2014 after the Speech Choir Competition, I went to the Finals of NUTRI-Quiz and after the Final round I was happily to won the 2nd place in the NUTRI- Quiz Bee Competition. 


The Third Activity is the Buwan ng Wika this August 2014 with the theme: “Wikang Filipino: Wika ng Pagkakaisa”. I was participated the Madulang Sabayang Bigkas (Speech Choir) with the piece of Patrocinio Villafuerte: Wikang Filipino sa Pambasang Kalayaan at Pagkakaisa. Our school was qualified for the Cluster II of Madulang Sabayang Bigkas that was held on Camarin High School this August 15, 2014. There were 6 participating schools the Camarin High School, Amparo High School, Caloocan Business High School, Cielito Zamora High School, Dela Costa High School and Bagong Silang High School. After all the participants performed the winners were announce but unfortunately we lost. Our school was only the fourth placers in the contest.


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