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Name                   Arnold Obrence

DOB                     9 October 1993

Course                 BSED - Science

Year                     Third

University             UCC- University of Caloocan City 

Sponsored by      Neil Byrne

My father lost his job when im about to start my college, so I need to work hard in able for me to support my study in college. And I'am so lucky that I manage to got a scholarship on my first till second year in UCC.  

But suddenly  what I done  is not yet enough so I took some extra payments in my classmates as visual aids decorator styro designer, sewer, letter painter , electrician, animal dissector / decorator and I can repair some electrical things and I can do any work  and I can easily learned when I see it.


But all of the suddenly the support of my scholarship is not yet enough I do not want to stop and I like to finish my study so thank you very much to those people who would like to help me specially Sir. Neil Byrne and Ms. Maria im very thankfull for any help that you can make for me...




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