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" Its not how long the journey is , its about when you started the journey"












This quotation really strikes. They say poverty is a hindrance to success, but for me it would be a hindrance if you think it is. It is really difficult to take oppotunity to have an education.


Education now is an opportunity, a priviledge for you and a dream for many. If you think you can't then you cannot.


Start believe in yourself and the rest will follow. Just take a step ahead and soon you will reach your journey. Just what I did I continue to believe , start walking- I know its a long journey but in the end , I be on the finished line. 


Thank you very much Sir Richard Dearing and Maam Maria Miclat to your scholarship program . Without your support financially. I can't have this opportunity now. My education is what the MLCP offers me. An inspiration to many and to my family, this is it . I have my diploma - I graduated and soon to be a professional teacher. I know all your sacrifices that is my weapon in facing all the challenges along my way.


I know this would not be the end, but a beginning for a new battle to begin- The real life ahead.


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